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Unlock the Power of the Microbiome

Microbiome profiling 


Reveal the potential

Understanding the microbiome transforms our approach to nutrition, health and well-being.

Our services include :

  • High accuracy sampling   

  • Shotgun metagenomic sequencing 

  • State of the art bio informatic pipeline

  • Unique and evolutive databank


Nahibu also helps you create and implement : 

  • R&D projects

  • Microbiome strategy

New approaches, designed for your innovations


Create and implement a powerful and remarkable microbiome strategy

Choose and execute the right approach for your market leading innovations


Nahibu supports you in your innovative projects with a tailor-made microbiota testing solution. With Nahibu experts, use the potential of the intestinal microbiota to differentiate yourself.


Explore the microbiome's potential in your innovations. With our data-driven approach to discovery, you can bright to light the opportunities that the microbiome opens for your development.



Transform how you define your products, the size and shape of the market you compete in. Embrace how powerful innovating around microbiome can be. 


How microbiome really works

An end to end solution built on the most precise technologies available

Shotgun sequencing.


This is how we study the composition of the microbiota and its functional potential.

  • An unbiased technique that provide an overview of the entire bacteria genome

  • Provides a finer mapping of the intestinal microbiota at the species, or even bacterial strains level.

  • Reveal informations on the microbiota functional potential.

Our solution

Your microbiome testing solution 

Establish your company as a global microbiome leading actor

  • High accuracy sampling kit

  • Logistic supports

  • In-house sequencing

  • Shotgun metagenomics analysis

  • State-of-the-art bioinformatics pipeline

  • Data vizualisation

  • Tailored results platform

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