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Advanced analytics pipeline

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the microbiome through advanced bioinformatics 


Advanced analytics pipeline

Nahibu develops its own bioinformatics analysis of the sequencing data. This allows you to customize your research according to your projects. 

How ?

  • The first step of cleaning and verification of the data allows to ensure the quality of the sequences.

  • The sequences are aligned with databases listed in the scientific literature. From this step, the taxonomy of all the microorganisms in each sample is derived.

  • In addition to the taxonomy, Nahibu identifies many key biological functions related to bacterial activity and host metabolism.

Identify the strategic axes that the gut microbiota can bring to your projects. 

Partner with us

We promote discovery between the microbiome, health and disease for the development of new health solutions. 
We offer innovative industrial solutions. 
We will be happy to discuss with you synergies for a partnership.

Thank you for your submission!

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