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Research and studies

Understand the complex nature of the gut and its interaction with health thanks to Nahibu expertise.

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Research and studies for you 

Nahibu's experienced team will support you in your clinical stucy or observational study project, your product valorization project, your development of good product for health, your product or ingredient formulation improvement,...

How ?

We can support you in different ways: 

  • One-off or longitudinal studies.

  • Design of customized studies according to your needs, your objectives and your perspectives. 

  • Customized analyses for your research question. 

  • Recruitment and cohort follow-up. 

  • Data collection for your project. ​

Nahibu's experts are at your disposal to advise you strategically through a tailor-made accompaniment in your project. 

For who ? 

  • Pharmaceutical laboratory

  • Food industry 

  • Feed industry

  • Public institutions

  • Anyone who is curious about the gut microbiota or wants to use the power of the microbiome in their project !

Use the power of the gut microbiota in your research, clinical study or development projects. 


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Partner with us

We promote discovery between the microbiome, health and disease for the development of new health solutions. 
We offer innovative industrial solutions. 
We will be happy to discuss with you synergies for a partnership.

Thank you for your submission!

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