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Metagenomic Shotgun Sequencing

The most exact analysis method to know the microbiome 

Photograph of a DNA sequencer

Metagenomic shotgun sequencing

Nahibu provides high quality metagenomic sequence data to obtain high resolution taxonomic and functional data for your projects.


Why shotgun metagenomics? 

  • Shotgun metagenomics is a high-throughput sequencing method. It sequences the entire DNA present in a sample (bacterial, viral...).

  • Shotgun metagenomics is not limited to cultivable microorganisms but allows a complete mapping of the microorganisms present in a sample.

  • High-throughput sequencing allows the sequencing of many samples at the same time, which saves time and cost while maintaining high accuracy.

  • The sequencing of the entire DNA makes it possible to identify microorganisms down to the finest taxonomic level: the strain.

  • All the genes present are listed, which allows the identification of functional pathways actually present in the sample.

To study with precision the abundance and diversity of microorganisms constituting the gut microbiota.

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We promote discovery between the microbiome, health and disease for the development of new health solutions. 
We offer innovative industrial solutions. 
We will be happy to discuss with you synergies for a partnership.

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