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Whole Genome Sequencing

To study with precision the abundance and diversity of microorganisms constituting the gut microbiota.

Nahibu provides high quality metagenomic sequence data to obtain high resolution taxonomic and functional data for your projects.


Why shotgun metagenomics? 

  • Shotgun metagenomics is a high-throughput sequencing method. It sequences the entire DNA present in a sample (bacterial, viral...).

  • Shotgun metagenomics is not limited to cultivable microorganisms but allows a complete mapping of the microorganisms present in a sample.

  • High-throughput sequencing allows the sequencing of many samples at the same time, which saves time and cost while maintaining high accuracy.

  • The sequencing of the entire DNA makes it possible to identify microorganisms down to the finest taxonomic level: the strain.

  • All the genes present are listed, which allows the identification of functional pathways actually present in the sample.


Microbiome Sampling

Guarantee the reliability of the analytical results from your gut microbiota samples. 

Photograph of a microbiome test kit by Nahibu

Nahibu has developed an easy to use analysis kit : 

Bullet point in the shape of a trusty shield.
Bullet point in the shape of gloves.
Bullet point in the shape of an envelope.
Bullet point in the shape of a sample tube.

A user's guide to accompagny the user.

A glove and a faeces catcher for hygienic sampling.


A shuttle pouch and a pre-stamped return envelope.


A tube with a stabilizing liquid for the sample. The liquid used preserves the quality of the DNA of the sample during its journey to the Nahibu lab.

The Nahibu sampling method is simple and reliable. It adds real quality to your project.

Logo Crédit impôt recherche

About :

Research and development (R&D) is central to today's business landscape, driving innovation and growth. For companies looking for a competitive edge and an opportunity to push the boundaries of their products and services, collaborating with Nahibu, which has the Credit Tax Research (CIR) accreditation, is a winning strategy.

expertise R&D

1. Access to R&D expertise
By obtaining the CIR accreditation, we demonstrate our commitment to research and innovation. You, our partner companies, can benefit from our expertise, experience and state-of-the-art resources. In this way, we will give you access to specialized knowledge, advanced technical skills and highly qualified R&D teams.

reduce R&D cost

2. Reducing R&D costs
One of the most tangible benefits of collaborating with Nahibu is the reduction of research and development costs. The CIR provides a tax credit on a portion of eligible R&D expenditures. As a result, R&D costs for joint projects can be significantly reduced, leaving more resources available for other initiatives.

stimulating innovation

3. Stimulating innovation
Working with Nahibu can bring new innovation to your own organization. As an CIR partner, we are at the cutting edge of technology and can invest in innovative research projects. This influence can help you develop new products or services, improve your existing processes and stay competitive in the marketplace.

5. Strengthening credibility
Working in collaboration with Nahibu, as a CIR partner, can strengthen your company's credibility. This demonstrates your commitment to innovation and your ability to collaborate with leading R&D players. This credibility can be a valuable asset if you are looking for new partners, investors or clients.

4. Access to tax benefits
You may also benefit indirectly from the tax benefits associated with the CIR. By participating in joint research projects, you can take advantage of the CIR tax credits earned by Nahibu. This can reduce your overall tax burden, thus improving your profitability.

6. Expanding the professional network
Partnering with Nahibu can open the door to a wider professional network. You may have the opportunity to meet with other industry players, researchers, experts and R&D funders. These connections can lead to future opportunities for collaboration and growth.

strengthening credibility
expanding the professional network
access to tax benefits

To qualify for the tax credit, the company must have a permanent establishment in France and therefore be subject to French taxation.

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