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Nahibu Brand

Nahibu stool collection kit

Nahibu stool collection kit at home

metagenomic shotgun sequencing

Analysis of intestinal microbiota by  metagenomic shotgun sequencing

result report of stool sampling with the Nahibu kit
Personalized food advice with Shido solution
  • With Nahibu analysis, all the secrets and potentials of your intestinal flora are revealed.

  • Richness: number of bacteria detected in your sample. Thehigher it is, the better for your health.

  • Enterotype: this is your “dominant bacterial group”.


  • Equilibrium: measures the presence of dysbiosis, an altered microbiota whose composition is unbalanced.


  • Distribution of phyla: Bacteria can be classified into phyla to give you more precision about your bacterial composition.


  • List of detected bacterial genera: selected by our scientific team.


  • The production of short-chain fatty acids: it is stimulated bythe breakdown of fibres by intestinal bacteria.

result report of stool sampling with the Nahibu kit

White Label

With the white label, open a new business, increase your performance, save time and more !

First offer

Kit with the effigy of your brand

 white label  service
white label

Second offer

Kit results in the effigy of your brand client follow-up

 white label  service
white label
result report of stool sampling in the effigy of your brand
client follow-up

Many benefits are offered to you :

  • Cost savings: You can avoid development, production and maintenance costs by outsourcing these tasks to us.

  • Focus on your core business: By outsourcing production or service delivery, focus on your core business.

  • Expertise: We are experts in our field. Don't worry !

  • Flexibility: White label collaboration offers great flexibility. You can adjust production or service delivery to meet market demand, without having to manage operations directly.

  • Entering new markets: White label can help you enter new markets where you don't have an established expertise or presence.

Personalized Nutrition Solution

DNA logo Nahibu

Understand & Improve

Health coaching

results and consultation with an expert
health coaching

Personalized nutrition (solution Shido)

result report of stool sampling with the Nahibu kit
Shido solution

Probiotics range (Baiotiku)

Baiotiku probiotics
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