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Sample Collection

Collecting samples reliably and easily with Nahibu


Guarantee the reliability of the analytical results from your gut microbiota samples. 

Photograph of a microbiome test kit by Nahibu

Nahibu sample collection method

The Nahibu sampling method is simple and reliable. It adds real quality to your project.

Nahibu has developped an easy to use analysis kit : 

Bullet point in the shape of a trusty shield.
Bullet point in the shape of gloves.
Bullet point in the shape of an envelope.
Bullet point in the shape of a sample tube.

A user's guide to accompagny the user.

A glove and a faeces catcher for hygienic sampling.


A shuttle pouch and a pre-stamped return envelope.


A tube with a stabilizing liquid for the sample. The liquid used preserves the quality of the DNA of the sample during its journey to the Nahibu lab.

Partner with us

We promote discovery between the microbiome, health and disease for the development of new health solutions. 
We offer innovative industrial solutions. 
We will be happy to discuss with you synergies for a partnership.

Thank you for your submission!

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